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i LOVE this font!!!! AMAZING!!!!!
@ladygigi Thanks so much for your kind words! <3 I enjoyed your videos, I subscribed ;)
oh i love it!!!!!!!!!!
sk8er boi is another good song from her along with my happy ending, don't tell me,complicated etc so many to list. hopefully it's okay t...
@BillHitchens Thank you! :)
@ladygigi Haha thanks <3 I love Avril Lavigne! Been listening to her since Sk8er Boi! I would love to see how your video turns out :D
you must have great taste in music to name it after an wonderful font like this <3-<3 i can always do the lyric video on my other channe...
ironic thing is i just did an lyric video on that song the other day and now i wished i would've waited to use this font xD it would of...
@ladygigi Yes, I named it after that song! I'm glad you like it :D